Rory Dunn-Lowes

Rory Dunn-Lowes

Junior Analyst
Business and Economics


Rory Dunn-Lowes is engaged in an internship at Globalfields while studying for his Bachelor in Business Administration at ESSEC Business School in Singapore. Rory finished his secondary school obtaining A-levels in economics, business studies, history and politics. He held previous work placements at PricewaterouseCoopers and at M&G Investments in London. At Globalfields, he is contributing to data capture and analysis, technical and financial research, coding and financial modelling. Rory is particularly interested in the integration of finance and climate change, in the ways in which this integration can provide sustainable climate strategies for organisations and countries, in order to seek both long-term stability and development. Such interests are shaping up his near-future aspirations to pursue a degree in social and economic sciences at University. Based in Singapore, Rory is a native English speaker and a committed learner of the German language and culture. 

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