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Community solar parks – green and social bonds

Globalfields invested in two community-owned solar parks delivering environmental and social impacts within two local communities in UK

Through the ethical and impact bank Triodos, Globalfields invested in corporate bonds issued by the Empower CommunityFoundation, a social enterprise set up as a charity in 2011, with the mandate to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society, including through investing in green energy generation. Empower owns two 5MW solar parks located in England (the Drove Lane Solar Park near Salisbury, with a rated capacity of 4,980kWp) and in Scotland(the New Mains of Guynd Solar Park at Arbroath in Angus, with a rated capacity of 4,998kWp), which combined generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 2,600 homes annually. The crowdfunded bond offer is seeking to raise £4.7 million overall, repayable over a 16 years’ time horizon. The two solar parks benefit from a 20-year government-backed feed-in tariff (FIT) which provides a guaranteed minimum price for all generated electricity and the electricity exported to the local distribution network.

Picture of the New Mains of Guynd Solar Park, Angus,

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This case study was written by Marta Simonetti, Founder and Managing Director of Globalfields. Visit Marta's bio or contact us today to discuss this project.

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