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The success of green finance rests on providing integrated solutions for the most effective deployment of financial instruments to support countries and corporate sustainability targets

These approaches ensure a continuous and organic link between global policy, access to finance by countries and organisations, and corporate alignment with regulations and standards in green finance, sustainability indexes and ESG reporting. Globalfields provides advisory, consultancy and training services to support companies and governments worldwide in their work towards ‘green’ economic development, their positioning in the national and global climate finance architecture, the structuring of bespoke financial vehicles and the implementation of ecologically sustainable solutions.

At Globalfields, we are proud of our unique expertise at the intersection of green finance, climate and environmental governance, and sectoral investments.

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Stewardship of the planet means having coherent solutions across finance, governance, policy and technology

Green and sustainable finance are making companies more diverse and responsive to both regulatory changes and consumer's demand. Globalfields provides support to organisations and individuals for a wide range of activities, spanning from reviews of global climate policy to assistance in drafting national plans, from scoping best practices to policy recommendations, from advising on access to green finance to the design of instruments and products on the ground. Our perspective is to further promote regenerative rather than extractive models in public and private business.

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We help modern leaders make valuable contributions in the sustainability space

At Globalfields we believe that change in the way we approach climate and environmental concerns needs to be addressed across multiple layers in society, and that long-lasting results will come predominantly from bottom-up approaches. Each individual will bring solutions through choices, yet those choices need to be supported through knowledge, information and access to resources.

In our project work, we closely engage with communities. We also share learning from our long-standing experience in development and climate finance with leaders. We run small-group training for banks and transformational leadership programmes as stand-alone components or as adds-on activities to existing cooperation.

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Globalfields works with governments, corporates and individuals to design and implement technical assistance and investment transactions to fight climate change and environmental degradation. We use frameworks and models that bring cohesive answers, build on impacts and improve livelihoods around the globe.

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Working with the public and private sectors

Globalfields Ltd and Director Marta Simonetti support governments, organisations and individuals in achieving transformational outcomes to bring about positive impacts in the way we tackle climate change and environmental degradation.

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