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Green Finance and Sustainable Business
Consultancy, Advisory and Training Services

Globalfields provides consultancy, advisory and training services for private and public companies, governments and individuals worldwide in support of their collective efforts towards ‘green’ economic growth and business development. The team at Globalfields has established international expertise in climate and environmental finance, private equity, fund structuring, green business advisory, benchmarking such as for ESG and SDG indexing, and sustainable leadership. Through its services, Globalfields strives to achieve transformational outcomes in order to bring about significant and consistent change in the way we tackle climate change and environmental degradation.

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Green and development finance

Project and policy design

Our work in green finance encompasses a wide range of advisory assignments in the areas of strategy setting, programme and project development, benchmarking, designing and appraising climate finance and climate policy frameworks, environmental, conservation finance, and development finance. We support companies to track both direct and indirect benefits of climate action and for the implementation of sustainable development goals.

Globalfields has unique expertise and insight into developing successful proposals for multilateral climate finance instruments, most importantly with the Green Climate Fund. Globalfields staff members have led the development of proposals worth over USD1.3 billion in co-financing from the Green Climate Fund, the Climate Investment Funds and the Global Environment Facility. Furthermore, Globalfields staff has worked on assessing proposals and developing policies for several bilateral and multilateral funds, both on the public and private sector side. This gives Globalfields a unique perspective and ability to shape project proposals in a way that responds to the requirements and targets set.

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Blended finance

Fund mobilisation and structuring

With extensive experience in working with governments and donors, Globalfields advises on the strategic use of blended finance in order to structure traditional and innovative instruments and to mobilise additional resources towards climate action and sustainable development. We also support fund-raising, resources mobilisation, and the structuring of dedicated blended instruments such as concessional debt, guarantees and local currency buffers.

Globalfields staff has extensive knowledge in helping organisations bridge the gaps in policy implementation and in setting fiduciary standards in order to become registered or accredited to receive official (public) finance from providers such as the Green Climate Fund, the European Union, or the Global Environment Facility.

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Access to finance

Financial, governance and institutional structuring

Globalfields supports investors in equity funds, special purpose vehicles and fund management platforms in accessing private and public resources through the structuring of the legal, institutional and governance set-up in organisations, aimed at enhancing access to private and public resources​. Typically, we advise on financial due diligence, plausibility checks, financial and business scenarios, modelling processes and costs. We can create the most appropriate packages targeted to the business needs of your organisation.

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Policy dialogue

Governance and institutional support

Globalfields provides advisory support for governments and institutions to implement strategies and roadmaps in green finance, blended finance, climate policy, financial policy. This area of works seeks to align legislation and regulation with countries’ climate targets, to enhance the technical and institutional capacity of organisations through climate finance readiness and institutional support, and through bespoke strategy-setting to private sector financial institutions.

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Project financing and sponsorships

Globalfields is committed to investing resources in initiatives, projects and platforms with viable financial and technical credentials, and targeted at maximizing emission reductions, energy savings while also combating environmental degradation and socio-economic externalities. This would typically include investments and activities in clean energy generation, system integration support, afforestation programmes, circular economy, and cradle-to-grave designs and technologies. Globalfields has so far invested in small scale hydro, sustainability in sports and materials, and in agricultural processes.

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Training programmes

Green finance and transformational leadership

Globalfields is working with training providers and banks for the preparation and delivery of bespoke training programmes on green finance, green banking, impact investing, SDG and ESG indexing. These trainings can be delivered both and online and in-person.

Globalfields also works with individuals to build ‘green’ leadership skills through personalised coaching frameworks and transformational leadership programs. Content-based programmes are developed on the basis of a need assessment carried out with the organisation or with the interested parties. In addition, Globalfields provides pro-bono presentations to schools and universities.

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