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Guiding green and sustainable leadership through coaching frameworks


Globalfields has been providing bespoke coaching and consultancy frameworks for executives working or aspiring to expand their impacts in the areas of sustainability, climate change, and green finance.

Coaching and advisory frameworks (also known as blended frameworks) represent a type of bespoke work which is set to support individuals to take all the necessary steps to create the business case and the empowerment needed to mainstream sustainability and climate consideration across sectors and functions in their organisation.

  • Bringing change
  • Influencing peers
  • Guiding organisations

The blended frameworks create a nexus between the technical aspects of working in sustainability and climate change, with the leadership skills needed to envision and implement change.

Reflection and empowerment

A first step in the process of exploration and development of sustainable leadership is to guide clients towards taking time for reflection in a space conducive to self-awareness, an exploration through strengths and behaviours. A typical question to ask would be: what is your unique talent that we can bring to the fore, and which can be upheld as a guide to support the transition from business as usual to a more ecologically-minded and sustainable organisation? Understanding growth within internal and external contexts can boost agility and fulfilment, which is the awareness we want to create before we step towards the creation of goals and their accomplishments.

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Goal setting

This is the blueprint upon which we can model change and shape the sustainable future of the organisation. Several models can be built for goal setting, from visualisation to result-intent based outcomes, from journaling to modelling. Author Shakti Gawain developed a four-step creative visualisation process, which at Globalfields we use as a blueprint for goal-setting:

  1. Decide what to manifest
  2. Create a clear idea or a mental picture or focus on a specific feeling, to be done in the present tense to reinforce the concept of presence
  3. Focus on this process often
  4. Bring positive energy and strong affirmations to the creative process


We work on a process of change based on ‘consciousness engineering’. Through this layered process, we can put the action in motion to reach optimal personal and professional growth alongside ‘a higher call’ to contribute actively and positively towards a mission-oriented life. What prevents people from seeing action is the fact that we can often feel overwhelmed by the size of the tasks. One could ask: ‘how do I change an organisation?’ Well, one task at a time! In this regard, it may be useful to create multiple smaller steps or endeavours that will lead to small victories.

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Commitment is the ability to act and follow-through on results and outcomes worth creating. Self-awareness, goal setting and even the first steps of creation are fundamental to motivation and action, yet perseverance and working iteratively throughout is what empowers clients to create the change we have sought to build to transform the organisation into a sustainable, climate-focused leader.

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This case study was written by Marta Simonetti, Founder and Managing Director of Globalfields. Visit Marta's bio or contact us today to discuss this project.

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