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Training: Corporate Training Events for Banking Institutions (2022-23)

Categories: Training, Green Finance, ESG, Sustainable Finance, Climate Risk


Globalfields has been working with financial institutions since the very early days of the firm. We fully recognise the importance of education and training to address climate change, enhancing environmental and social sustainability and creating robust systems for the monitoring and reporting of impacts. All those areas are critical to support financial institutions in building their awareness of climate science; in understanding how the scientific basis informs international environmental agreements (such as the Paris Agreement) and how those shape national policy and regulatory responses; and in linking global approaches to their corporate pledges, a critical area upon which we then build action in climate as well as environmental and social sustainability.  

Financial institutions have responded to these needs by seeking to upskill an increasing larger number of their workforce, in dedicated sessions, advanced training, and in learning festivals targeted at enhancing awareness of climate and sustainability.

In this context, Globalfields’ Managing Director and Green Governance Expert Marta Simonetti has been conducting several bespoke in-house trainings for three major banks in South-east Asia, as well as for regulators and financial associations, namely BPN Paribas, APAC region; the Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation (Singapore); Société Générale Hong Kong; the Taiwan Association of Banking and Finance.  

Content of training

The context for green and sustainable finance; climate change and climate action. Establishing the foundations: the scientific context, climate policy and governance

•      Definitions in the climate and sustainability space

•      International development in climate risk regulation

•      Corporate pledges; ESG and Impact Reporting

•      Introducing taxonomies

•      EU taxonomy, ad-hoc taxonomies

•      ESG: Reporting for impacts and sustainability

•      SustainableDevelopment Goals

•      Greenwashing


ESG factors and principles

•       EnvironmentalDimensions: ESG Factors, Materiality,

•       Reporting frameworks used in ESG

•       Social Dimension: Reporting and action in social dimension


Climate risk management

•      Risk, impacts, exposures, vulnerabilities

•      IPCC projections, climate models and scenario analysis

•      Climate risk in the context of green and sustainable finance

•      International development in climate risk regulation


Understanding different types of climate risks

•      Transition risks

•      Biodiversity loss risks

•      Physical risks

•      Liability risks

•      Case studies

•      Interactions between climate risk and financial systems

•      Materiality of those risks and financial disclosure

•      Overview of the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD)

•      Bespoke MRVs

•      Indicators, frameworks for reporting

•      Green taxonomies and green certifications

•      Other non-financial certifications

•      Environmental and Social Management Systems (ESMS)

•      Governance and Strategy

•      Managing climate risks

•      Transitioning to net zero; alignment with international environmental agreement

•      Major business trends in climate and environment; financing climate and environmental sustainability



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This case study was written by Marta Simonetti, Founder and Managing Director of Globalfields. Visit Marta's bio or contact us today to discuss this project.

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