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Andreas Biermann

Andreas Biermann

Director of Sustainable Finance and Business Development
BSc (Diplom) Business Economics (Kassel University); Postgraduate Diploma (University of Limerick)


Andreas is a senior energy and climate policy expert, with over 25 years of experience gained at various levels in the academic, national, and multilateral contexts. He has authored several articles and pieces in the topics of climate finance, renewable energy policy and energy efficiency. His breadth of expertise is highly recognized in Europe as well as in development and transition work globally, with his inclusion in various expert groups, including the UNDP Crisis consultant register, Globalfields Ltd in support of green finance and investments, and as senior technical advisors for a number of institutions.

Following his postgraduate work at Warwick Business School on environmental regulation, Andreas joined the UK’s Energy Saving Trust as a Senior Policy and Business Development expert, designing the first UK grant scheme for rooftop solar and establishing the Trust’s work in renewable energy and micro-generation.

In 2004 he joined the International Energy Agency as a Desk Officer in the Country Studies Division, where he led the Energy Policy Reviews for seven member countries, including Norway and the USA, and the first ever IEA Review of EU Energy Policies. In 2008 Andreas started at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) as the first technical energy policy expert in the Banking Vice-Presidency, developing and implementing policy work on energy efficiency and renewables in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Andreas led the development of the Kazakh renewable energy legislation, which has now delivered over 600 MW of new renewable power generation, and the development of National Renewable Energy Action Plans in Bulgaria and Turkey.

Andreas has been involved in global climate finance since 2008 and brings a unique blend of technical, policy-making, and financial experience to project transactions and resource mobilisation for institutions. For example, he has been instrumental in developing new blended finance products for the EBRD, in which multilateral climate finance from the Climate Investment Funds, the Global Environment Facility and the Green Climate Fund have been combined to deliver high-impact climate projects throughout the EBRD region. Under Andreas’ leadership, the EBRD raised over USD 1 billion in climate finance from multilateral donors.

In order to apply this expertise more widely, Andreas joined the Green Climate Fund as Deputy Director of Mitigation in 2017, where he led legal negotiations to enable the implementation of over USD 5 billion of projects, with global coverage. During this time he set up the mitigation project assessment function of the Fund as well as internal decision-making structures. In 2019-2020, Andreas served as Senior Adviser to the Managing Director for the Sustainable Infrastructure Business Group, before joining Globalfields Ltd in April 2020, where he holds key responsibilities for leading the sustainable finance practice of the firm. Andreas served as a member of the Independent Technical Advisory Panel (iTAP) of the Green Climate Fund, reporting to the Board of Directors of the GCF

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