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Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson

Lead Editor and HR Team Administrator
BA French and English Literature


With professional experience working in France and in the City in London, Elizabeth (Liz) has extensive expertise in administration, accounting and financial support for the running of multilateral and bilateral climate funds.

Liz developed her career at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where she worked for eight years with specific roles as a Senior Officer in funds administration and team support, with targeted experience in working with fund managers to monitor project spending and reporting. Liz is also a bilingual experienced techncial translator and supports Globalfields in its work in Francophone Africa.

With interests in green finance, Liz wants to use her administration skills in a company with a strong green ethos. Also a trained teacher, she is interested in training the next generation to make sure awareness of climate change and environmental degradation start with school children, the leaders of problem solvers of the future.

Liz has been part of the Globalfields' team since its very beginning, leading now on editorial matters and HR administration.

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